Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frag Movies and Source Demos

Watch frag movies, your subconscious will automatically learn where the "pros", the players in the video, is. You will learn the spots, and use them without knowing.

Try to remember yourself where the spots are, and what kind of tactic-setup they are using, if they are aggressive or defensive, semi(be aggressive and then fall back). Try to use all kinds of tactic-setups when playing, know your enemy, if they are aggressive, be defensive, if they are defensive, be semi.

However if they are semi, you have to got be dynamic, meaning you will change your tactic-setup for each round, making them confused.

Even a person like me, playing on the mid-high level, is still watching some frag movies.
I like to use ether or

and about the Source Demos.

You can use the source demos for both watching tactics for you team, if you are team-leader, or as described above, learn spots, and tactic-setups.

Thats all for today.

Fast ladder climbing and Box jumping.

Ive seen many people out there on public servers, that don't know how to climb a ladder fast, instead of the normal.

What you got to do is:

When attaching yourself to the ladder ( walking/jumping into it), you gotta look sideways up, whilst pressing the your up key, and your side key(depends on which side you are looking).

This will boost your climbing x2, So you'll get much faster up, and can easily take out your enemy.

Also, the box jumping.

This you have got to use when you want to jump on a box, you normally cant jump on.

Do this:

Look into the box you want on whilst walking into it. Keep walking, press your sit-key, your jump-key, and your sit-key again.

This will allow you to jump much higher, whilst your char's feets are also going up in the air.

Good killing out there.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Some tips

Here are some tips and strategies which have worked for many many many times.

1) First and foremost, always buy a Kevlar vest at a minimum, when you have plenty of cash ALWAYS but Kevlar vest and helmet, if ct, allways buy a defuse kit to start with, then weapons.

2) LEARN the keystrokes for buying the items you want, know the costs of the items, and build the save keys for your auto-buys.

3) Buy different guns, learn which you prefer, and learn how to use it, not all guns are the same, some are very effective when fired quickly, others are not, and always buy the one which fits your play style best.

4) If you are just starting out, and you don’t have aiming down, get a good SMG or shot gun along with your gun, and use cover to your advantage, use a wall or doorway and hop out, fire, retreat.

5) Along the same line as #2 use smoke, flash and regular grenades as efficiently as possible. Use cover smoke your area, flash if you see a group of people coming, followed by a grenade, most inexperienced players will stop dead in their tracks, and a well placed grenade will kill them or hurt them very badly, SO..make sure you don’t flash yourself, and follow your flash with a well placed grenade. REMEMBER the closer to someones feet the grenade lands the more damage it will deal (93 Dmg is my personal best)

6) About grenades, if you don’t know how to aim with one, DON’T USE THEM. It will only get your teammates mad, and if FF (friendly fire) is on, I have found out from personal experience, your own teammates would rather kill you then be flashed again…use bots, and make your PC a server and play vs bots first, before using them in-game.

7) Use many smaller teams to flank your opponents, when you use voice comms, it is best to use several smaller teams, and flank your opponents, have a small team 2 or 3 people guard a major choke point, with all members holding smoke, flash, and grenades, and time them 2-3 seconds apart, by the time the last flash has worn off, the team who went to flank your opponents should be taking fire from both sides.

8) ALWAYS use hotkeys, make several hotkeys, figure out what weapons you use the most, so that you do not have to scroll to change weapons, one second can mean the difference between life or death.

9) Along with using hotkeys, use hotkeys for different nades, know which are which, these can save your life, or at the very least help you take an enemy to the grave with you, helping your teammates in the process.

10) Use your flash nade key as SOON as you get flashed and throw it in the direction you were flashed from and then turn your vision into the wall, the seconds you are blind can be over-run by your own flash from someone coming towards you, and most people will retreat instead of taking a chance of dying from being flashed themselves.

11) AND THE LAST tip: NEVER, EVER, be the first person through a choke point, you will take all of the fire directly, and only end up counting up your deaths, I prefer being third, the first person almost always dies, the second person makes the person or persons on the other team retreat, and you get to help clean-up!

Counter-Strike: Source SMG Tips


Rounds in each clip - 30
Total rounds - 150
This is a very quiet gun, but it's not very accurate, even when crouching. It does better than others when jumping, though. It takes 2-4 headshots or 6-9 chest hits to frag someone. 


Ingram Mac-10 
Rounds in each clip - 30
Total rounds - 130
This SMG is fairly accurate when running, but when you hold the trigger it gets pretty inaccurate. It takes 2-3 headshots or 6-8 chest hits to frag someone. 


Rounds in each clip - 30
Total rounds - 150
This is a very accurate SMG, even when holding the trigger. It stays fairly accurate when you are jumping, but it is not very accurate when you are running. It takes 2-3 headshots or 7-9 chest hits to frag someone. 


Rounds in each clip - 25
Total rounds - 100
This is probably the slowest SMG, but the most accurate when jumping. It stays pretty accurate when running and holding the trigger. It takes 2 headshots or 6-8 chest hits to frag someone. 

ES C90

ES C90 
Rounds in each clip - 50
Total rounds - 150
This SMG has a very fast rate of fire, but it isn't very accurate when holding the trigger or running. It has decent accuracy when jumping. It takes 2 headshots or 6-8 chest hits to frag someone. 

Counter-Strike: Source Pistol Tips

9X19MM SIDEARM aka Glock

Rounds in each clip - 20
Total rounds - 140
This is a decent gun, but it isn't very powerful. It can be either semi-auto or 3-round burst, both of which shoot pretty fast. Semi-auto is more accurate than burst. This pistol has pretty good accuracy both when you are running and when you are shooting it as fast as you can. It takes 2-3 headshots to frag a guy, or 8-10 chest hits. 


Rounds in each clip - 12
Total rounds - 112
This pistol can be used with or without the silencer. It is pretty accurate when running and shooting it fast. It seems to be fairly accurate for the first couple shots when you are jumping. It takes 2-3 headshots to frag a guy, 6-7 chest hits without the silencer, or 7-8 chest hits with the silencer on. 


228 Compact 
Rounds in each clip - 13
Total rounds - 65
This pistol is pretty accurate when running, shooting quickly, and it's even kind of accurate when jumping. It takes 1-2 headshots to frag a guy, or 5-6 chest hits. 

NIGHT HAWK .50C aka Desert Eagle aka Deagle

Rounds in each clip - 7
Total rounds - 42
This is a very powerful pistol. It only takes 1 headshot or 3 chest hits to frag someone. When running and jumping it is less accurate than other pistols, but it can be very accurate at long distances if you crouch and shoot slowly. 


Rounds in each clip - 20
Total rounds - 140
This pistol has a very fast rate of fire. It takes 2-3 headshots, or 7 chest hits to frag someone. It is not incredibly accurate when running, but it is surpisingly accurate when jumping. 


Dual Elites 
Rounds in each clip - 15 (you get 30 shots before reloading because there are 2 guns)
Total rounds - 150
These pistols have a pretty fast combined rate of fire. But once you start shooting fast, they get a little less accurate and you will notice the recoil. The shots will start gradually getting higher, so you will have to aim a little lower. It takes 1-2 headshots, or 5-6 chest hits to frag someone.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Configs in CSS

Me and almost all pros play with configs on, meaning tweaking their game for best fps and best visualization when playing, these are also known as configs.

Here i will post my custom config, how to install it and what it does to your graphics.

What it does to your graphics:

It removes all the clutter(cans, unusefull stuff), palms head(the leaves) and all effects that you have no use for. It makes everything simpel, so you easyly can see where you enemy is and shoot him before he sees you.

How to install:

Follow the steps below:

Step 1: Download the zip file linked below and extract it to your cstrike/cfg folder: "[SteamDir]\steamapps\[username]\counter-strike source\cstrike\cfg"

Step 2: Time to edit the config. Open up autoexec.cfg with notepad.

If you know what fps your computer normally can run, edit the max_fps to what it is acording to this scale:

normal fps:
below 60 = "max_fps 0"
below 100 = "max_fps 61"
above 100 = "max_fps 101"
above 200 = "max_fps 201"
and so on

If you are still using a single core cpu, edit the "mat_queue_mode 2" to "mat_queue_mode 0"
else, leave it.

Step 3: Save autoexec.cfg, and make sure its in the cfg folder.

Step 4: Edit your "Launch Options" (Dont know how to? Look how to enable console)

and type in the following line(without "):

"-console -noforcemaccel -noforcemparms -dxlevel 81 -autoconfig -w [Your width] -h [Your height]"
Edit the last to parameters to your normal width and height.

Step 5: Press ok twice, and start your CSS.

Download link:

Got any problems? Feel free to comment below.

Console in Css

As to start out, i'll make a tutorial on how to get the console in CSS.
About: The console is the shell of CSS making you able to see what it does, and input some commands, it's like CMD for windows.

Follow the steps, and you'll be allright :)

Step 1: Open up your steam.

Step 2: Right click on "Counter-Strike: Source", and click on "Properties"

Step 3: Click on the 2nd bottom button with the text "Set Launch Options"

Step 4: Type in: "-console", and press ok twice.


If you got any questions, feel free to comment below.

New blog

As to start out, I would like to say hello to all people watching my blog, and my tips.

Here i'll be posting thing to read, to become better at css, really quick, but ofcause you cant read yourself to aim.

Follow me, and ill make it worth your time.