Monday, August 30, 2010

Counter-Strike: Source Pistol Tips

9X19MM SIDEARM aka Glock

Rounds in each clip - 20
Total rounds - 140
This is a decent gun, but it isn't very powerful. It can be either semi-auto or 3-round burst, both of which shoot pretty fast. Semi-auto is more accurate than burst. This pistol has pretty good accuracy both when you are running and when you are shooting it as fast as you can. It takes 2-3 headshots to frag a guy, or 8-10 chest hits. 


Rounds in each clip - 12
Total rounds - 112
This pistol can be used with or without the silencer. It is pretty accurate when running and shooting it fast. It seems to be fairly accurate for the first couple shots when you are jumping. It takes 2-3 headshots to frag a guy, 6-7 chest hits without the silencer, or 7-8 chest hits with the silencer on. 


228 Compact 
Rounds in each clip - 13
Total rounds - 65
This pistol is pretty accurate when running, shooting quickly, and it's even kind of accurate when jumping. It takes 1-2 headshots to frag a guy, or 5-6 chest hits. 

NIGHT HAWK .50C aka Desert Eagle aka Deagle

Rounds in each clip - 7
Total rounds - 42
This is a very powerful pistol. It only takes 1 headshot or 3 chest hits to frag someone. When running and jumping it is less accurate than other pistols, but it can be very accurate at long distances if you crouch and shoot slowly. 


Rounds in each clip - 20
Total rounds - 140
This pistol has a very fast rate of fire. It takes 2-3 headshots, or 7 chest hits to frag someone. It is not incredibly accurate when running, but it is surpisingly accurate when jumping. 


Dual Elites 
Rounds in each clip - 15 (you get 30 shots before reloading because there are 2 guns)
Total rounds - 150
These pistols have a pretty fast combined rate of fire. But once you start shooting fast, they get a little less accurate and you will notice the recoil. The shots will start gradually getting higher, so you will have to aim a little lower. It takes 1-2 headshots, or 5-6 chest hits to frag someone.

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