Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Frag Movies and Source Demos

Watch frag movies, your subconscious will automatically learn where the "pros", the players in the video, is. You will learn the spots, and use them without knowing.

Try to remember yourself where the spots are, and what kind of tactic-setup they are using, if they are aggressive or defensive, semi(be aggressive and then fall back). Try to use all kinds of tactic-setups when playing, know your enemy, if they are aggressive, be defensive, if they are defensive, be semi.

However if they are semi, you have to got be dynamic, meaning you will change your tactic-setup for each round, making them confused.

Even a person like me, playing on the mid-high level, is still watching some frag movies.
I like to use ether or

and about the Source Demos.

You can use the source demos for both watching tactics for you team, if you are team-leader, or as described above, learn spots, and tactic-setups.

Thats all for today.


  1. I love counter strike source, glad to find this blog. Definitely following. I should get back to playing I used be pretty good imo.

  2. I learnt a bunch of Pokemon strategy in a very similar way so I can say it does work, just that I haven't tried it in this game yet.

  3. This is a great post man! checking in on my daily rounds to show some real love for you. oh and i made a new minecraft blog maybe you check it out

  4. poopin' da shit outta this blowq!

    smoochies :*

  5. This is true. I love watching replays for the games I play. I know Its always helped me before.

  6. I'm never too serious about it. I'm usually the guy who gets a few kills then tries to sneak up behind someone and follow them without them noticing.

  7. i'm not into css. but i could have need those tips on lan-parties

  8. Awesome blog bro, now following!
    Showing some support, hope you can return the favor =]

  9. great tips! im loving it
    check out my poems